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Use: Seeding, young plants in honeycombed trays

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Substrate Domoflor mix 1

Blend of Black and white peat sieved to 5 mm. Homogeneous mixture of peat is fabulous for seeding. Domoflor Mix1 can be produced in different types changing pH, EC, white and black peat ratio.

Use: Seeding, young plants in honeycombed trays  

Fraction Packing Wetting agent Ph H2O NPK+Micro Use for
White peat Black
peat 0-5
L 250/5000 fluid 5,5-6,5 0,8 kg/m3 +50gr/1m3

Vegetable young plants, tobacco  


pots Up to cm 10
tray cm 2-7
culture Seedling, rooting
irrigation Any system



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